Are you looking for a Vinyl Plank that looks and feels like wood, but has all the benefits of water-protection, durability, and affordability? Vinyl Plank is the perfect floor for hardwearing environments, like families with kids & pets! Imagine living on your floors, having the luxury feel of wood, but not having to fuss about spills! Vinyl Plank offers a less-stress flooring option and we've got an AMAZING line of Vinyl Plank on Sale! 

Twelve Oaks Surewood line of Click Vinyl Plank is ON SALE! REG$5.99, NOW $4.99/sf 

Sale runs until March 1, 2024. Price is for the product only and does not include shipping, taxes, or installation. 

At Kelowna Floors, we believe that if you're looking for a floor that looks like wood, like a vinyl plank - we want it to be the closest looking thing TO WOOD! That's what Twelve Oaks Surewood offers: realism. Have the floor that your friends say, "Wow! Beautiful new hardwood floors!" And guess what, it ca be your secret whether you tell them it's vinyl or not! 

Not only does Twelve Oaks Surewood offer gorgeous colors and decors - the construction of the plank itself is top of the line. This product has an overall thickness of 8mm with a 20 mil wear layer, which is considered good for commercial use! It's a click floating floor, with a 1.5mm antimicrobial cork underlayment. Cork is great as an underlayment because it's a good thermal and acoustical insulator - helping to naturally keep your rooms warm and quiet. The click system is the advanced 5G Valinge®, making it easy for even a do-it-yourselfer! This product has a WPC (Wait, what does that stand for? See below!) high density waterproof composite core. 

WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite. Some companies use "Water-Proof Core", but that's not the case here. the composite material combines wood fiber with thermoplastics to create the core. This core (in comparison to an SPC, Stone Plastic Composite) with it's wood component can add extra comfort and sound quality to your underfoot experience. Also, it's nice to know that recycled wood materials are able to be used in a WPC product. 

The Surewood collection offers a 30 Year Residential Warranty, as well as a 12 Year Commercial Warranty.

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