Water-Protected Laminate

Laminate flooring has been available for a long time, since the 1980s! Recently, click vinyl plank has become very popular, both for it's durability but also because - it's waterproof. Water-protected laminates are not waterproof, but they're close! Maybe a water-protected laminate is more suitable for your project! 



It's true: many of the water-protected laminates on the market proclaim they are "waterproof", BUT when you read into their warranties - it's more like they're almost waterproof. Which we believe is pretty good! Many of these water-protected laminates can last days with standing surface water, are able to be wet mopped, and are warranted in full bathrooms. They're an amazing alternative to click vinyl plank, and we encourage you to ask your salesperson about why water-protected laminate may work better for you! But it is good to know: they're water-protected, not waterproof. 

On top of being water-protected, this class of laminate also has all the benefits of regular laminate: 

  • durable
  • resistant to stains
  • low maintenance
  • easy to clean
  • cost-effective
  • similar in appearance to hardwood

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