Some trends look really cool - for a minute. Other trends don't work out as well as we would have hoped - remember carpet in the bathroom? 

Let us help you figure out if the trends are something you're going to be able to live with and enjoy, or if it's going to be a big regret! YOU have to live in the house! Even when it comes to finishes and colors, sometimes it's easy to go with what is in style rather than what we really like because maybe we don't know WHAT we like! 

At Kelowna Floors, Rebecca is a certified Interior Decorator and can help you visualize 'walking through and using your home', before it's even built! She can help you figure out your style, and put selections together to make sure your overall design is cohesive, beautiful, and functional! We might be able to help stop you from making a "carpet in the bathroom" decision! 

Whether it's a new build, renovation, flip, rental or anything else - we can help you figure out what will look great and function best, on your budget!